Thursday, 3 June 2010

Gaza Blockade

People demonstration to raise awareness to the plight of the ships travelling to Gaza with reliefe aid. The people were asking for the home office to take action along with other international bodies to help protect the flotilla.
The World news the following day 31st May revealed what transpired due to a lack of a helpfull response from the international communities. It would appear that the Israeli military with total disregard for safety, freedom or human life boarded the ships forcefully in International waters.
Was this an act of piracy

An Israeli raid on the flotilla brought casualties on the Monday, when at least 9 people killed and dozens of others wounded by gunfire.

passenger list

You cannot hold the whole population of Gaza accountable for individual rocket attacks. This would be the same as holding all people of a country which has terrorists cells within it responsible for those terrorists actions. Humanitarian aid is what is being called for. How can Israel expect to gain any trust or respect, let alone friends when it holds all Gazas people accountable and proceeds to infringe on their human rights and liberty? These people need help from the international/world community, not isolation. If we are all of the world then let us act with some unity for justice, freedom, peace and liberty